FluxBB is fast, light, user-friendly forum software for your website.

FluxBB is designed as a lighter, faster alternative to some of the traditional feature heavy forum applications. It is easy to use and has a proven track record of stability and security making it an ideal choice of forum for your website.


  • Supports PHP4 & PHP5
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Open-source (GNU General Public Licence)
  • Clean admin interface
  • Flexible permission system
  • Lots of community modifications

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The current stable release is FluxBB v1.5.6.

So yeah... Winter passed. Stil no snow. Not a singe snowflake dropped out of the sky. I know winter is over for a while now, so is spring. And summer, since this month, if you missed it. But still, we didn't got any snow here. Usualy we have. But not this year... It's odd.

Anyway, that's not why your here, right? You're probably here to get some news on FluxBB. Version 1.5.7 or 2.0. I can't tell you much about the later one (go visit the development trackers to see to long list of recent commits to it, through). For the former one, I do know I just pushed a couple of commits to be reviewed that will bring a visual update to FluxBB to all default styles (Air, Earth, Fire, Technetium, Oxygen, and so on). I also happen to know I'll do some work on #966 and #925 and then I'm done for 1.5.7. Up to the next (or if anyone has some stuff I can work on, call me... or rather, just note below). Alright, it h as been a while, let's do another round-up!

Style: Dark Blue for FluxBB 1.4 and 1.5
So, I wanted to kick off with a style this time. If nobody minds. And this one realy draw my attention. Go visit the link below and you'll know why. I haven't seen such a nice FluxBB style for a while. And it's huge. In size, as in "kB" (no worries, the package contains a screenshot, almost 1/3 of the styles size). Anyway, thumbs up for the creator of this one.

Get it now from FluxBB.org - Demo

Plugin: Advanced Online List for FluxBB 1.5
This plugin is just a fancy alternative to the "Online" list in the board statistics on the front page of your forum. And I found it to be quiet useful. It doesn't only show who's online, it also shows where they are and what they are reading. It's more useful than it sounds. smile

Get it now from FluxBB.org

Website: WeRolePlay
Uhm, no comment? Seriously through, go visit this website. I'm prety sure it doesn't need a comment. Except maybe: c'est en Fran├žais.


Also, I'm perfectly aware that it is not "early in the month". But it has been a while since the last round-up. So...